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Skilled Nursing Presentations
  • Maureen McCarthy, SNF Quality Reporting Program & SNF Value-Based Purchasing Download
  • Sheryl Rosenfield, 2017 RoP SOM Checklist Download
  • Sheryl Rosenfield, Selecting Paths and Setting Priorities in a Maze of Care and Payment Reforms Download
  • Amy Lee, Stafffing Data File NYS - Aug 2016 Download
  • Amy Lee, New CMS Quality Measures, Reducing Hospital Readmissions Download
  • Louis W. Pierro, Navigating the Medicaid Maze Download
  • 3 QM References from User Manual V10 0 Download
  • Dr. William C. Hallett, Pharmacy Related Survey Issues Download
  • Teresa Lubowski, Antibiotic Stewardship in Long Term Care Download
  • Robert Figlerski, Understanding & Responding to the Challenges of Dementia Download
  • Linda M. Elizaitis, RN, 2015 Survey and Regulatory Update Download
  • Sheryl Rosenfield, RN-C, Financial and Clinical Implications of the New and Proposed Regulatory Changes for Post Acute Care Download
  • Sheryl Rosenfield, RN-C, Terms and Resources Download
  • Josephine Bottitta, J.D., MSW and Robert F. Elliott, Is Your Facility doing all that it can to mitigate escalating PL/GL Insurance premiums? Download
  • Michael Lewensohn, Managed Care / MLTC: One Year Later Download
  • Maureen McCarthy, Shifting from PPS to Quality and Value Download

Residential Living Presentations
  • Dr. William C. Hallett, QAntipsychotic Use Considerations in Residential Living Download
  • Barbara Speedling, Quality of Life Specialist, Behavioral Health: The Future of Customer Care and Service Download
  • Perry Cyprus, RD, CDN, Optimum Nutrition in the Residential Setting Download
  • Barbara Speeding, Behavioral Health: Caring for a New Generation Download

Addiction Treatment Presentations
  • Anthony Rizzuto, Addictions Impact on the Family and the Families Impact on Addiction Download
  • Monique Wright, Overdose Prevention Download
  • Susan Brandau, Developing Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) Download
  • Susan Brandau, Recovery Peer Roles and Requirements Download
  • Jake Nichols, Pharm.D, MBA, Lead Medical Science Liaison, Orexo, US Download
  • Dr. Richard Juman, PsyD, Regional Director IPC Healthcare Download
  • Deborah Egel, Assoc. Attorney and Michele Falkowski, RN, OASAS, NYC Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services Download